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It makes it possible to identify the potential, to characterize a hydroelectric site and to carry out feasibility studies. In the list above, there are commonly used equipment such as handheld GPS and digital camera, but also specialized and sophisticated equipment requiring prior learning by training such as the total station, the Doppler flow meters and others.

In order to get the activities off to a good start and in collaboration with UNIDO, we have therefore agreed to the following action plan:

  • Phase 1: Training of actors for the handling of equipment by UNIDO experts who will come to Cameroon,
  • Phase 2: Use of equipment for carrying out pilot studies on sites selected by UNIDO,
  • Phase 3: Replications of studies on other sites on the national territory

We are developing a schedule of activities based on the availability of UNIDO experts for phase one. Then the schedule for phases 2 and 3 will follow. These will mark the effective start of field activities in Cameroon.

Le CRFD / STG est composé de cinq unités de recherche et de formation dirigées chacune par un coordinateur. Chaque unité dispose de plusieurs laboratoires gérés par des équipes de recherche



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