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Documents required for Master's defense authorization request

  • Four (04) copies of dissertation;
  • One (01) pre-defense report;
  • Certified photocopies of all of tuition fees ranging from the year of admission to the current academic year;
  • Certified photocopy of Bachelors degree or engineering degree;
  • Certified photocopy of Master I transcript;
  • Certified photocopy of provisional Master II transcript;
  • Selection list;
  • An academic registration form;
  • A certified copy of birth certificate;
  • A curriculum vitae (CV).
  • A certificate of enrolment in the doctoral school for the current academic year;

Documents required for authorization request to defend Doctorat / Ph. D

  • Declaration on the candidate's honor relating to the originality of the thesis;
  • Certified copies of diplomas (Baccalauréat / GCE, License / Bachelors, DEA / M2 and if applicable ie Doctorat 3e cycle)
  • Proof of Thesis selection (Selection list)
  • Certified photocopies of all of tuition fees ranging from the year of admission to the current academic year;
  • Proof of having validated the teaching units (UVs) of the Doctorat/Phd cycle (transcripts from D1, D2 and D3) for the LMD and DEA system or equivalent for the others.
  • Thesis academic registration forms
  • Supervisor's report certifying that the work submitted is of excellent quality and therefore deserves to be examined for the granting of a Doctorat / Ph.D
  • Letter from the supervisor to the Rector c/o the coordinator of CRFD-STG with a proposal for a list of at least 06 people who can be part of the thesis jury, and a proposal of 06 experts (03 internal and 03 external with their email addresses and telephone numbers) who can examine the thesis.
  • Letter from the Head of Department addressed to the Rector c/o the Coordinator of CRFD-STG presenting a summary sheet of the necessary documents of the candidate's defense authorization request file.
  • Five (O5) printed copies of the thesis containing the scientific publications in appendix
  • Eight (08) printed copies of the cover page, an extended summary and the abstract of the thesis work.
  • Four (04) CDs containing the electronic version of the thesis
  • Two (02) CDs containing the cover page, an extended summary, the abstract and the candidate's scientific publications relating to the thesis.
  • One (01) certified copy of the birth certificate;
  • One (01) Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • One (01) waiver signed by the Rector if applicable;

The CRFD/STG is made up of five research and training units each headed by a coordinator. Each unit has a number of laboratories managed by research teams



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